Exploration SX-240

Exploration SX-240 is a 5 track EP, released under the One Instrument record label. Created within the confines of One Instrument’s unique recording guidelines, this EP utilizes nothing more than the rare 1984 released Kawai SX-240 polyphonic synthesizer and reverb. This EP is available exclusively through One Instrument on Bandcamp.

This release incorporates a conglomeration of styles from Kenneth’s previous releases and professional works. With an intentional nod to late 1960s through 1970s synthesizer space music, he has created a group of tracks that are as comfortable seamlessly weaving intricate contrapuntal lines, as laying down hard-hitting grunge rock riffs. Less commonly used key signatures are featured in many of the tracks, implemented in a masterful way that adds intrigue, yet flies under the radar of most listeners.   

The Kawai SX-240 is pushed to its absolute limits with this immersive collection of pieces. 
This EP marks a distinctly different addition to the rest of Kenneth’s discography, as well as a markedly unique release within the One Instrument’s catalog.

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